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Thinking Devices Incorporated is a design and manufacturing firm specializing in electronic products containing some degree of intelligence. Usually this intelligence is provided by an embedded microcontroller, but sometimes analog circuitry can provide some or all of the needed processing. We're equally versed in digital, analog or mixed signal design, which allows us to use the most appropriate technology to quickly and cost effectively solve problems.

We provide solutions that other companies will not pursue because the project is too unusual or too cost sensitive. We seldom pursue projects where a solution can be created by bolting together off-the-shelf components. Our services and skills are best used for commercial applications where there is a need for a high quality product developed inexpensively, or for industrial applications where some type of control or logic is required that is too specialized or technical to be accomplished with PLCs or commercially available PC control products. We don't apply cookbook solutions. We start with a thorough understanding of a problem and then apply the principles of science and engineering to produce the most efficient solution.

We have totally integrated design processes that lead to optimized solutions. We don't develop the various portions of a design in isolation. All aspects of our designs are simultaneously co-developed, ensuring minimum component count and the ideal distribution of development effort. There's an elegant synergy in these solutions that approaches art, but even if your sense of the aesthetic doesn't extend to the art of engineering you'll still appreciate the optimized solution when you realize how much money you saved.

We provide complete solutions. We don't retain proprietary aspects of our designs. We deliver a working solution that's completely documented. The customer owns the entire design and receives everything needed to completely describe the entire project. The documentation always includes the printed circuit artwork files, thoroughly commented program listings, and a complete bill of materials with supplier contact information. The project documentation consists of a printed manual or instructions as well as a CD containing all project files.

We focus on what we do best. We explore solutions with our customer. We research concepts and propose new ideas. We develop electronic hardware and microcontroller software using a total system approach. We design all our printed circuits in house. We have machining capabilities that allow us to fabricate simple mechanical parts. We utilize strategic partners for specialty work such as printed circuit manufacturing and high tolerance or complex machining. We're always looking for new processes we can add to our capabilities, but we avoid stretching ourselves thin by attempting processes that require large and complex equipment and specialized skills. We do what we do best, and subcontract with others to do what they do best.

Everything should be as simple as it can be, and no simpler. This quote is attributed to Albert Einstein, and who are we to argue? This philosophy is apparent in everything we do, from our first contact with our customer and the exploration of the problem, to the electronic design, to the microcontroller code, and to the user manuals and technical documentation.

We want what you want.
There are no high pressure sales. We present technical solutions and options, and encourage our customers to select the method that best meets their needs. We're willing to work with our customers at any level of involvement. We can best help if brought in early and work closely with our customers to develop solutions tailored to their exact needs, but we can also be a big help when there is one tricky piece remaining that nobody knows how to solve. If you have people signed up for all the blocks in your project's block diagram except the one labeled “A Miracle Occurs Here,” give us a call.

We don't believe in cost overruns. It's become commonplace for competitive bids to become something of a guessing game. Some companies intentionally submit a low bid to get a job, knowing they will tack on their profit margin as a cost overrun near the end of the project. The price we quote is the price you pay.

Thank you for investing the time to get to know a little about who we are and how we do business. We look forward to working with you and helping to solve your problems.

Bruce Layne
President & Senior Design Engineer
Thinking Devices Incorporated

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