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TDI offers a number of services to assist you. We can:

  • Work with you to develop a concept for almost any type of electronic device prior to design and manufacturing.

  • Custom design an electronic product that exactly meets your requirements.

  • Manufacture your short-run electronic products.

  • Design, manufacture, supply and support an industrial solution that most machine builders would not attempt. We specialize in providing custom solutions when you need an off-the-shelf product that doesn't exist.

  • Supply a custom industrial component or subassembly for you or your machine builder to use as part of a larger project. You can work with your existing machine builder, and we can supply the difficult part of the solution that represents an unobtainable component or subassembly.

  • Reduce the cost of your electronic product by providing higher levels of integration, reduced component count, and design for manufacture. Often, our designs will substitute low cost hardware and some clever firmware for higher priced components.

  • Develop custom test or measurement equipment, including sub-microsecond sampling rates, enormous numbers of independent data acquisition channels, fixturing with bed-of-nails probing, automated final testing at the end of an assembly line, and complex electronic interfaces with automated intelligent test and debugging sequences.

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